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Photo of Arnold A. Noel

Skilled Legal Analyst Support Professional with 17 Years' Experience

Arnold A. Noel: The David in Your Legal Goliath Battle


His journey began not in the quiet halls of academia but on the frontlines of personal legal warfare, where he learned to sling stones at Goliaths with precision.


A Warrior Forged in Battle

Arnold's saga took root in 1999, raught with bankruptcy, corporate disputes, and the harrowing maze of self-representation in court.


From the crucible of debt collection and foreclosure to the complexities of family law matters like divorce, child custody, and alimony, he's gathered evidence, drafted vital documents, and navigated the intricate steps of preparing for hearings or trials. But his is not just a tale of survival; it's one of transcendence.

More Than a Legal Analyst: A Beacon of Hope

With credentials solidified through rigorous studies at Boston University and an ABA-approved paralegal status, Arnold's prowess extends beyond the technical.


He's fluent in the languages of empathy and strategy, fortified by his other degrees in psychology, humanities, and social science. He doesn't simply lead you through processes such as grasping settlement negotiations or appeal procedures; he comprehends the inner turmoil faced when life draws us into legal confrontations.

In Your Corner: Arnold's Arsenal

   •    Insight into navigating self-represented litigation
   •    Affordable, accessible virtual legal assistance
   •    Mastery of legal research and document drafting
   •    Real-world insights into criminal law, immigration, and more

Life Beyond the Sling

Away from the legal realm, Arnold revels in the adrenaline of RC car races with his son, Lee, and brother, Jr — a reminder of life's joys beyond legal strife.


He's a connoisseur of spicy Haitian cuisine, a tribute to the rich tapestry of his heritage, and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.

Ready to Topple Your Goliaths?

Arnold's expertise extends beyond the scope of understanding the legal maze; he's in the business of hope. With him, you're not enlisting a distant document review and preparation specialist; you're teaming up with a seasoned warrior who's danced in the shadow of giants and emerged victorious. Embark on your journey with Arnold — your guide and aide, your confidant in the quest for justice.

Let’s Start Working Together!

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