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Owner Arnold A. Noel, Legal Analyst

Hi. Welcome To
A Legal Strategy

Here for You, in Every Legal Chapter: Life's legal puzzles can be daunting, can't they?


Whether it's the nuances of Contract Law, the sensitive path through Estate Law, or the intricate dance of Constitutional Law, consider me your guide. Let's tackle this together, shall we?

Uncover How I Can Assist
Do you feel like it's time to take control of your legal narrative? [Reach out]! I'm here to listen, understand, and help you carve a path forward."



Let's Take Your Business to the Next Level

Maria S., MA.

When I reached out to A Legal Strategy, I was overwhelmed with my case. Arnold didn't just offer top-notch legal support, particularly in Contract Law, he was also a pillar of emotional support. His fluency in Haitian Creole broke down barriers, making my experience seamless. His dedication goes beyond just work; it's clear he deeply cares about his community. Thank you, Arnold, for not just being a professional, but also a friend during my legal journey!" - Marie S., Boston MA.

Carlos R. James, MA

Navigating Estate Law was daunting until I met Arnold from A Legal Strategy. His comprehensive knowledge, coupled with his genuine enthusiasm for helping others, made the process understandable and far less stressful. Plus, his tech-savviness impressed me, offering modern solutions that saved time and avoided unnecessary headaches. Above all, his community spirit, especially towards Latino and Haitian residents, makes him stand out in the legal field." - Carlos R., Cambridge, MA.

Jackson B., MA.

What struck me most about working with Arnold was his balance of professional expertise and personal connection. When he was supporting my Constitutional Law case, not only did he show thorough knowledge, but he also made an effort to understand my individual story. Outside of work, it's clear he's a family man who values quality time, and that level of care extends to his clients. I felt like I was working with someone who truly understood and respected my journey."  Jackson B., Brookline MA.
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